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Posted by: Trisha Stezzi on 2/13/2014 | 0 Comments

Thanks to social media and other quickly evolving technologies, the world is hyper-connected, making social problems more difficult to ignore than ever. Those same digital tools also offer new opportunities to solve age old problems.  I hope that the following examples will inspire your organization (company or nonprofit) to think deeply about how you can leverage both digital opportunities and strategic partnerships to help scale social impact, and possibly even create system change.

Posted by: Trisha Stezzi on 7/8/2013 | 2 Comments
I love this campaign!  The folks at Target and FEED have been doing their homework.  They know that consumers want fun, simple ways to make real, measurable impact – and that they want to do it with style!  This is a partnership that was clearly designed to appeal to the newly defined psychographic profile the “Aspirationals” in a relevant way.  It also employs the 1:1 giving model popularized by Toms (check out my previous post on Toms here), which, incidentally, just celebrated donating its 10 millionth pair of shoes to needy children.  FEED uses a simple and effective model of clearly showcasing the number of meals funded with each purchase (e.g. buy this $25 storage bin and Target will provide 20 meals to needy families).  Displaying “FEED” and the number of meals donated on the actual product is emotionally powerful, and the simplicity of just that number is pretty sexy.  This on-product exclusive branding approach also happens to extend the partnership value through the life of the product while simultaneously creating a sense of community and exclusivity that many of today’s consumers crave.  Brilliant.  Keep reading for more details on Target’s FEED USA Collection and to learn about the “Aspirationals” consumer group.
Posted by: Trisha Stezzi on 6/13/2013 | 0 Comments
There’s no doubt about it, cause marketing has matured---or, at least it is in a massive growth spurt!  Industry studies abound that illustrate the ever-increasing demand for authentic corporate-cause partnerships.  There is also some exciting NEW DATA about the return on investment (ROI) that can be realized if organizations get their cause and social impact strategies right – particularly around employee engagement.  For instance, companies with engaged employees outperformed those without by up to 202% and a key driver of employee engagement is employees being proud of their company’s contributions to society -according to Dale Carnegie Training & MSW research.*  Pretty impressive.
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