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Posted by: Joe Waters on 2/20/2014 | 1 Comment
Last week on my blog, I wrote about a very successful fundraiser between Kmart and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As part of their annual support of St. Jude’s Thanks and Giving campaign, Kmart raised a whopping $22 million for the Memphis-based children’s cancer hospital. Almost all the money was raised a dollar at a time from customers at checkout.
Posted by: Mollye Rhea on 1/23/2014 | 1 Comment

Over 125 years ago, the first United Way campaign in Denver raised $21,700.  Corporations began supporting community groups via annual employee giving campaigns and a trend was born. Fast forward to 2014, and employee giving is a hot hot hot. According to a 2013 study conducted by America's Charities, workplace giving campaigns raise over $3 billion annually. And, while employers remain committed to this traditional social responsibility activity, our evolving workforce and the digital age are necessitating new employee giving strategies. Accelerating the need for change is the arrival of the Millennials into the workplace. They have different expectations and want to be more engaged and empowered in the giving model. I have three suggestions for how you can get started.

Posted by: Joe Waters on 1/15/2014 | 0 Comments
Bad news. Corporate giving is dead. What? You hadn't heard? So you're still chasing companies in hopes of getting a big check? Well, you can stop doing that.

Companies never gave away that much money to begin with. According to Curt Weeden, the author of Smart Giving is Good Business, the average company only gives away .80% of its pretax profits - less than half of what businesses donated a generation ago. Many companies give a lot less than one percent. McDonald's only gives away .32% of its pretax profits. That's $30 million in donations from a company that spends nearly a BILLION dollars annually on advertising.

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