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For Momentum twINFO: February 2 - February 15, 2012

Posted by: Kim Nobel on 2/16/2012

Cause Marketing | twinfo By For Momentum

February 2 - February 15, 2012 Edition

A compilation of current cause marketing resources, information and expertise sourced on Twitter to keep you inspired and "in the know"

50 Fastest Growing Brands Serve a ‘Higher Purpose’

Well here it is folks – research that firmly shows that contributing to the greater good pays off. Research was conducted to determine which brands showed the highest amount of growth over the past decade in terms of customer bonding AND shareholder value. Once the 50 brands were identified the question was “what, if any, were the common principles that sparked and sustained their growth?” The research team uncovered that the most successful brands were built on an ideal, a fundamental value, of improving lives in some way. And that companies that centered all facets of their business on this ideal showed three times the growth of their competitors. Looks like there is now proof that nice guys (and gals) CAN win!

Causecast takes corporate philanthropy beyond the Fortune 500

For profits paying a for profit to encourage employee giving to non profits thus providing a forum for employee interaction and engagement and increasing corporate philanthropy. Huh? Now that I’ve confused you pay attention because this is interesting! Causecast has just debuted its Employee Impact Platform, a web-based program that connects companies and their employees with non profits and charitable causes. This article provides a nice summary including input from Causecast’s founder.

Campaigns with Heart Named Finalists for 2012 Cause Marketing Halo Awards

Press release announcing the finalists for the Halo Awards to be given at the upcoming Cause Marketing Forum Conference on May 31. Not missing a ‘beat’ the Cause Marketing Forum announced the finalists with a “Heart” on Valentine’s Day.

The Yuengling Blood Drive: A Pint for a Pint

Now here’s my kind of cause campaign! Great cause, fun messaging AND a super incentive to give. Not to mention well thought out execution as the ‘fine print’ clearly states that all blood donations must be made PRIOR to the brewery tour and beer tasting. Cheers!

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