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For Momentum Cause Marketing twINFO: May 3 - May 17,2012

Posted by: Kim Nobel on 5/23/2012

Cause Marketing | twinfo By For Momentum

May 3 - May 17, 2012 Edition

A compilation of current cause marketing resources, information and expertise sourced on Twitter to keep you inspired and "in the know"

Making Donation Amounts Variable

Ponderings on the (mainly) pros of variable donations both to corporations and nonprofits. Included are ideas, or the aptly named “thought experiments” for ways to implement in real world scenarios and ways to measure results.

Can Businesses Actually Make The World Better While Making Money?

Opinions and information based on a U.K. poll that found (among some additional worth reading stats) “91% of U.K. senior business leaders stated they believed businesses acting in such ways that use their core strengths would be more or effective in creating social change as compared with giving to charity. Only 9% felt charitable donations would be the most effective way for businesses to contribute.” Spoiler alert – the bottom line identified is that the best way to a meaningful and effective impact is for organizations and business to come together in way that utilizes the areas of expertise of each.

Marketing for a Good Cause? A Great Idea but Watch Out for Regulations

Super overview and resource explaining Commercial Co-Venture laws and considerations. Full of lots of juicy lawyer speak this article provides information on the very important topic of CCV, a topic that everyone involved with cause marketing should have some information about in their library of knowledge.

Defining the Social Purpose of Business

Commentary about the Catch 22 of CSR – that corporations are expected to be responsible yet the benefits to the company of doing so, based upon identified objectives, are often inconsistent and hard to measure. So what’s a well-meaning, desire-to-be-profitable, corporation to do… seven business leaders weigh in with their description of Social Purpose.


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ABOUT FOR MOMENTUM: For Momentum is a nationally recognized leader in cause marketing, we offer distinct advantages for our clients. Our experience in both corporate and nonprofit arenas spans decades and gives us unique insight into the dynamics that bring the two perspectives together - linking shared values and mutual challenges cohesively and meaningfully. By more effectively understanding and acting on the needs of both partners, we create relationships that are as enduring as they are rewarding.

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