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Posted by: Trisha Stezzi on 11/5/2013 | 0 Comments

Mud Pie Leveraged B2B Cause Marketing Partnership Activation Tactics to Achieve a Double-Digit Sales Increase, Here’s How

imbornto® is March of Dimes integrated cause marketing platform that connects March of Dimes mission with consumers and brands to celebrate the important role Moms and Dads play in raising healthy babies.  Every year, 4MM babies are born in the United States, and March of Dimes helps every one of them by funding research and programs that help women have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. The campaign, which takes place during the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day shopping periods each year, is a fully-integrated communication platform including media, PSA’s, public relations, social media and in-store engagement.  2013 campaign results include 1.4 billion media impressions, record-breaking in-store campaign activations and partnerships boasting 20 - 30+% increases in sales revenue as a direct result of participation. In this blog post, I want to share a case study to illustrate a unique benefit of cause marketing – enhanced B2B (business-to-business) relationships and return on investment (ROI).
Posted by: Trisha Stezzi on 7/28/2011 | 2 Comments

According to Harvard Business Review bloggers William Rosen and Laurence Minsky,

“A powerful confluence of challenging economic conditions and emerging digital platforms is driving a substantial shift in the marketing world. While the economic environment is forcing marketing decision makers to focus more on ROI, digital platforms from social media to mobile are enabling more personalized and trackable marketing communications.

To adapt to the changing landscape, what’s needed is a shift from building brands to "activating" them — from simply projecting what a brand is to optimizing what a brand does in order to move people closer to transaction. This is the Activation Imperative."

Posted by: Mollye Rhea on 3/17/2011 | 2 Comments
best practice: - n: the recognized methods of correctly running businesses or providing services

The key to establishing best practices in a cause marketing partnership is to infuse the concept of BALANCE. We've heard terms like "win-win" used over and over in our industry. While that concept is a vital component of successful cause marketing, the type of BALANCE I'm suggesting is this: 

Build strong relationships 
Activation is key
Leverage assets
Acknowledge efforts
Norms and measurement

In our first two posts on this issue, I covered the importance of Building strong partnerships. Activation and Leveraging Assets for Cause Partnership success. This post will illustrate best practices related to Acknowledgement and Norms and measurement. 

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