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Posted by: Trisha Stezzi on 6/13/2013 | 0 Comments
There’s no doubt about it, cause marketing has matured---or, at least it is in a massive growth spurt!  Industry studies abound that illustrate the ever-increasing demand for authentic corporate-cause partnerships.  There is also some exciting NEW DATA about the return on investment (ROI) that can be realized if organizations get their cause and social impact strategies right – particularly around employee engagement.  For instance, companies with engaged employees outperformed those without by up to 202% and a key driver of employee engagement is employees being proud of their company’s contributions to society -according to Dale Carnegie Training & MSW research.*  Pretty impressive.
Posted by: Trisha Stezzi on 1/26/2012 | 1 Comment

The Business Case for Product Philanthropy,” a 63-page report published Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs “evaluates the business case for product philanthropy and provides managers a framework for analyzing the costs, benefits, risks, and opportunities of implementing a product philanthropy program in their own operations.”

Posted by: Trisha Stezzi on 7/28/2011 | 2 Comments

According to Harvard Business Review bloggers William Rosen and Laurence Minsky,

“A powerful confluence of challenging economic conditions and emerging digital platforms is driving a substantial shift in the marketing world. While the economic environment is forcing marketing decision makers to focus more on ROI, digital platforms from social media to mobile are enabling more personalized and trackable marketing communications.

To adapt to the changing landscape, what’s needed is a shift from building brands to "activating" them — from simply projecting what a brand is to optimizing what a brand does in order to move people closer to transaction. This is the Activation Imperative."

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